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Controlling Thermocouples

With our controlling thermocouples (also called SAT thermocouple), you can validate our shielding gas / vacuum thermocouples at any time during the process for any deviations.

thermo-control controlling thermocouples are characterized by the following properties:

  • 2.5mm thin insulating rods of high-density 99.7% Al2O3
  • with handle and matching compensation line 2,5m
  • As standard, the cable is terminated with bare ends, optional connectors possible
  • Standard delivery lengths from 400mm to 1600mm
  • including calibration certificate, traceable to a national standard or according to AMS 2750
  • PtRh-Pt versions with 4 year warranty against drift and thermal wire breakage
  • Recommended interval for re-calibrations 10 years
  • Transport tube 30mm made of Plexiglas for safe storage of the test thermocouple

Available specifications

Order specification

  • 10 – Master thermocouples with 2.5m extention cable
  •  CC  – Calibrated
    • 00 Standard vs DIN EN 60584-2 from 500-1500°C in 100K steps
    • 01 in accordance to AMS 2750 from 150-1320°C in 130K steps
  • 01 – 1 Thermocouple
  •  ZZ  – Type Thermocouple
    • 01 Type S (PtRh10% – Pt)
    • 02 Type R (PtRh13% – Pt)
    • 03 Type B (PtRh30% – PtRh16%)
    • 04 Type K (NiCrAl – NiAl)
    • 05 Type N (NiCrSi – NiSi)
  •  LLLL  – Length, nominal [mm]
    • 0400 400 mm
    • 1600 1600 mm

    Notice The handle is approx 100mm long. The ceramic tube is approx. 30mm longer than the respective protection tube.

    The standard length are in 100mm steps. Upon inquiry we can manufacture any length you need.

  •  AAAA  – Cable configuration
    • BL open dismantled
    • MC Miniature-Connector
    • SC Standard-Connector


G3/4″ Prozessgewinde

G1″ Prozessgewinde

G3/4″ Prozessgewinde und Schutzrohrsystem

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