Today two vacuum thermocouples with a nominal length of 1900mm were delivered. For us a record, because this nominal length has not been made, so far.

The production was quite demanding. From 140 launched protective tubes, only 40 were approved by the manufacturer. From these we were able to sort out 18 vacuum-tight protective tubes.

The production of different nominal lengths in a thermocouple provides a further advantage of the separate protective tube guide.

Spezification of Vacuum Thermocouples

  • Vacuum tight (max leakrate 1.0E-06 mbar·l/s) and pressure proof up to 10bar
  • 3 ∅5 ceramic tubes made from 99.7% Al2O3
  • 2 x Type S thermocouples
    • shorter thermocouple length 1000 mm
    • longer thermocouple length 1900mm
  • One empty testing tube length 1900 mm
  • Fitting with stainless steel tube ∅22 x 150mm
  • Calibrated according to AMS 2750
  • Position: horizontal

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